Design, track, and assess training exercises.

EPIC Plan provides training planners and participants with the ability to collaboratively plan, execute, and assess training exercises

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Design, track, and assess training exercises.

EPIC Plan is a collaborative, cloud-based application that allows you to determine and maximize the value of training and exercises. Users can fully plan, execute, and assess any training scenario with a clean, easy to use interface that changes the paradigm in how training and exercise planning can be accomplished. Users can also access, enter, and update data from anywhere, in real-time, and visualize their progress and performance with map based indicators to maximize training efficiency.

Capture your data

EPIC Plan supports the collection of training objective requirements and more throughout the planning phase. Having all required data in one location streamlines planning and ensures accountability for the required information.

Track and create training events

Create and track scenario-based training events and the Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) injects linked to participant training objectives to maximize priority training and value.

Assess your training

Capture daily assessments from Observer Controllers and Feedback from participants to update the dynamic flow of planned events, and output results to generate performance reports from correlated data. Visualizing the correlated data assists in determining the overall effectiveness and value of the training.

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