Secure social media response training.

EPIC Ready Media generates realistic training environments, preparing your team for any scenario

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Replicate an online media environment with personas, profiles, posts and noise.

EPIC Media creates an online, social and published media world that you can tailor to meet training objectives. Create linked personas with social media profiles, and scripted posts. Challenge analysts against key tasks by replicating the publicly available information (PAI) environment of defined areas while controlling the pace and focus of posts.

Bring your Training Environment to Life.

Tailor your team’s training experience by creating and publishing custom posts and profiles on any social media platform, designing real-world scenarios for your trainees. Track the viewing frequency of your team’s targeted posts to gauge their effectiveness in real-time with EPIC Ready’s analysis feature.

Raise the Stakes by Producing Background Noise.

EPIC Ready Media utilizes publicly available information (PAI) data sources to generate scalable noise on multiple social media platforms. This feature includes customizable options such as sentiment, location, and post frequency which empowers you to challenge the trainee’s exercise with background noise.

Synthetic Internet Environment

EPIC Ready provides replicated websites including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, VK Weibo, Telegram, as well as the ability to create custom social media, blog, news, or video sharing websites. Supported uploads include images, videos, and files.

Schedule Posts with Time and Geographic Settings.

EPIC Ready Media allows its users to schedule posts in any time zone or geographic location, enabling a multitude of posts to publish at once. This feature makes blending the target into the background noise effortless for the user, while making the exercise more challenging for trainees.

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