Build and export a 3D virtual environment.

EPIC Builder is a 3D geospatial model creation tool for managing and deploying 3D geographic information using the OGC CDB and GeoPackage standards.

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Build and export a 3D virtual environment.

Develop, manage, and visualize 3D content of the Earth with EPIC Builder. Builder is specifically designed to produce CDB terrains faster and easier than legacy database generation products. EPIC Builder is used in training simulations, intelligence, and operations as OGC Common Database (CDB) and GeoPackage datastores, which can be used in mission planning and distributed for mission rehearsals.

One World 3D Synthetic Terrain

EPIC Builder efficiently translates a large variety of GIS data formats for use as the one world 3d terrain format CDB.

What you see is what you get.

EPIC Builder is a “What You See is What You Get” approach to the construction of 3D Content and utilizes several open source software capabilities to create and visualize the CDB data store. Builder provides interactive preview capabilities allowing the user to visualize the effect of inserting new data into the simulation environment prior to its deployment in training.

Manage and deploy with ease.

EPIC Builder fills a critical gap in management and deployment of 3D geographic information through the use of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Standards. Providing data interoperability using OGC Common Database (CDB) standard supports the training simulations community. EPIC Builder efficiently translates a large variety of commonly used open, commercial, and proprietary data formats into CDB format for use in a single simulator or across a network of simulators.

Runtime Support

  • Simulations - EPIC Builder CDB output is ready to be used in any Image Generator (IG) that supports OGC CDB Standards.

  • Android devices - The EPIC Builder Android application allows viewing of elevation, imagery, vector, and 3D models from the CDB on compatible android devices.

  • Unity - Import of a very large CDB database into the Unity game engine. With the CDB Importer, geospatial content can be consumed quickly and rendered in realtime in Unity.

  • GeoPackage - EPIC Builder supports export to the OGC Standard GeoPackage format allowing data to be viewed in any compliant GIS data viewing application.

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