The one suite of applications to run your training exercise

EPIC Ready is a suite of online collaborative apps to support planning and training for exercise scenarios. Design, track, and assess your training programs in a secure environment.

EPIC Ready
EPIC Ready

EPIC Ready provides a one-stop shop for planning, executing, and assessing training exercises.

From full scale to tabletop exercises for military, public sector, or commercial business, EPIC Ready will support your needs.


Design and plan your exercise quickly, or reuse previously planned exercises. Real-time collaboration ensures that your team can work together seamlessly.


Distribute 3D geospatial models and synthetic terrain, train in complex environments, and monitor the execution of your exercise.


Create assessments and receive participant feedback throughout your exercise to assess performance and effectiveness.


Rapidly create custom reports or generate After Action Report templates to qualify and quantify readiness.

More Ways To Collaborate



Portal for your training audience to view published media content.



Knowledge sharing in a collaborative environment.



Visualize your training exercise on an interactive 3D map.

EPIC Email


Protect conversations using a secure email service.



Communicate securely with instant messaging and group channels.

Ready To Face Any Challenge

EPIC Ready

Private and Secure

EPIC Ready can operate on a secure cloud based environment, locally in a closed network, or in remote training areas, allowing you the ability to maintain security and privacy.

EPIC Ready


EPIC Ready scales to support as many users as you need in a complex information environment across different continents and time zones.

EPIC Ready


Our web-based platform allows you to access EPIC Ready from anywhere on your computer, tablet or phone. On-site closed network appliance based platforms are also available.

EPIC Ready

One World 3D Synthetic Terrain

EPIC Builder efficiently translates a large variety of GIS data formats for use as the one world 3d terrain format CDB.

EPIC Ready

Synthetic Internet Enviornment

EPIC Ready provides replicated websites as well as the ability to create custom social media, blog, news, or video sharing websites. Supported uploads include images, videos, and files.

EPIC Ready

User Roles

EPIC Ready supports various roles with different permissions and access based on the participant’s role in the exercise.

EPIC Ready

Developer API

EPIC Ready API has already integrated with multiple collection and analysis tools, and is available to integrate with other applications or tools.


You're in good company

EPIC Ready has been used in trainings across the world. From special operations forces and intelligence operations, to civil-military and public affairs training, EPIC Ready supports a variety of mission and training exercises.

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